Industrial Construction Tents

On a construction site, a wide array of raw materials and the equipment used to install them are metal. When exposed to moisture for long periods of time, untreated metal can corrode. Protect your investment with on-site construction covers from Service Rentals. 

  • Water resistant and flame retardant double-sided polyvinyl chloride polyester textile roof coverings
  • Sidewalls that can house tall, oversized and heavyweight items like backhoes and dump trucks or rebar and tubing
  •  Doors to provide efficient access for wheeled machinery
  • Flooring that supports substantial loads while reducing slip-and-fall hazards
  •  Heating and cooling to create a more comfortable environment
  • Lighting that provides increased visibility

Why Choose Service Rentals?

  • We customize your tent to meet your needs- At Service Rentals, we ensure the right facilities are in place to help you meet objectives on time and within budget. Our team can deliver and erect a variety of pole, frame, F3 and clear span tents designed for short- and long-term construction site covering needs.
  • Safety first- A poorly constructed shelter is a recordable incident waiting to happen. That’s why we use highly trained personnel and exceed industry best practices when installing construction covers. Prior to visiting your jobsite, we work with you to confirm safety requirements and mitigate suspected hazards. Our experts will calculate optimal tent siting and obtain any necessary permits. The structure will arrive on site as quickly as possible, and our well-trained teams will install it in a safe and timely manner. 
  • Experience- With decades of experience supplying tent structures to construction partners, our veteran team can help identify the best tent type for your application. We have the inventory to match your needs and the ability to work within your project timeline.

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