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Time and again, companies that emphasize safety and security generate higher quality output. In some cases, it’s because the manufacturing floor is free of debris and clutter by investing in extra storage space. In other cases, it’s a matter of focus. By providing comfortable on-site break areas, workers return to their tasks rested and rejuvenated.

At Service Rentals, we believe safety and security extends beyond the production floor or construction site. It begins with the structures used to warehouse raw materials and finished products, store vital machinery and equipment, and safeguard contractors and employees.

Superior materials, better performance

That’s why every industrial and commercial tent we sell or rent is manufactured from the highest quality components available. A tent erected with subpar materials is a hazard, which can reduce jobsite performance and endanger on-site personnel.

  • Tent poles we use are manufactured from corrosion-resistant galvanized carbon steel
  • Galvanized carbon steel is stronger and more resilient than aluminum poles used by other companies
  • Galvanized carbon steel is less likely to warp, deform and bend under weight, force or heat
  • Aluminum poles are more malleable and elastic than galvanized carbon steel ones, which can negatively impact long-term performance
  • Aluminum poles dent, ding and scratch easier than galvanized carbon steel
  • While untreated steel poles rust easier than aluminum ones, the steel poles we use have a zinc coating to protect against corrosion
  • The zinc coating is applied using a hot-dip galvanizing process
  • Roof coverings and sidewalls are made from a double-sided polyvinyl chloride polyester textile, which is water resistant and flame retardant
  • Every tent is secured utilizing traditional staking, specialized concrete anchoring systems or concrete blocks
  • All straps used to anchor tents are two inches wide
  • Wider straps tolerate tension long term better than rope, which ensures tents are safe and secure

Custom options for specific uses

Service Rentals can also tailor tents for specific needs, which frees clients to work more efficiently and with the utmost peace of mind.

  • We offer keder sidewalls, which integrate seamlessly with keder track side poles and frame tubing
  • The unique design of keder tracks eliminates sidewall wear and tear caused by wind
  • Each sidewall comes with an integrated mud flap for added protection
  • Sidewalls can be provided solid or clear to meet site-specific safety protocol
  • Optimize tent structure access with personnel, garage and roll-up doors
  • Common door options include single personnel, double personnel, double glass and roll-up doors
  • Adding doors designed for foot-traffic adjacent to overhead or roll-up doors creates separate access points
  • This setup reduces pedestrian and wheeled vehicle interaction, which provides a safer, more efficient work area
  • Custom lighting options improve visibility
  • Heating and cooling systems can be installed to create climate-controlled storage spaces or comfortable work and break areas
  • We can outfit tents with variety of durable flooring systems to support pedestrian traffic, lightweight wheeled vehicle transit or heavy equipment movement

Service Rentals understands the importance of meeting the highest safety standards at your destination or industrial jobsite. Our skilled employees have vast experience designing and erecting short- or long-term shelters for special events, construction sites, equipment storage, inventory staging, plant shutdowns, product fabrication and employee break areas.

We deliver superior tent structure solutions on time, with the utmost professionalism and at a competitive price.

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