Industrial Temporary Tent Rentals

Most any industrial site, especially those in the petrochemical industry, will require a temporary structure, either for storage, for sheltering, dining employees or any number of purposes. Our equipment is versatile, durable, and designed to guard against the harsh environments of industrial sites. All equipment rented will be installed, cleaned, and prepared for use by the experienced and trained personnel that have helped Service Rentals, Inc. become one of the most reputable names in the business.

Many tent suppliers offer similar equipment, but they step onto jobsites with untrained personnel, limited industrial experience and dangerous tent structure installation practices. Examples include lack of personal protective equipment, improper anchoring of structures to include the use of water barrels and/or improper ballasting using poles or frame components manufactured from inferior materials such as wood low grade aluminum.  Many of Service Rentals’ components utilize heavy gauge, galvanized steel and or engineered aluminum to ensure safety and durability for the industrial climate.

Tent Types Available for Rent

Pole Tents

Ranging in width from 30 to 60 feet and lengths from 30 to 240 feet, pole tents are big enough for a larger group, and are versatile enough to be quickly installed anywhere, including in grass and on asphalt.

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Frame Tents

A frame tent is a versatile, freestanding structure that can be installed on just about any surface. Poles are joined together with steel fittings to create a framework upon which a canopy is placed.

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F3 Frame Tents

Combining a high strength-to-weight ratio with clean sightlines and no cables, braces or clutter, our F3 tents are designed to protect crews and equipment in harsh environments.

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Clearspan Tents

Clearspan tents have a sturdy and durable design which creates a strong structure with open, unobstructed views that allows for maximum use of interior space.

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What sets us apart from the rest?

  • Service Rentals, Inc. is one of the most trusted and experienced providers of high quality temporary structures in the field, and we guarantee to exceed customer satisfaction.
  • Safety is our #1 priority, so much that we maintain a perfect safety record.
  • We arrive on site as quickly as possible. All equipment is setup and taken down by qualified in-house personnel that carry the necessary credentials including TWIC, Safety Council cards, background checks, and participation in the DISA substance abuse program is mandatory. 
  • Every industrial and commercial tent we rent is manufactured from the highest quality components available.
  • Prior to visiting your facility, we work with you to confirm safety requirements and mitigate suspected hazards.
  • Our experts will calculate optimal siting of your tent and obtain any necessary permits.

Our Safety Certifications & Affiliations

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Need shelter? We've got you covered. Service Rentals, Inc. is one of the most trusted and experienced providers of high quality temporary structures in the field and guarantees to exceed customer satisfaction.

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