Industrial Lunch Tent Rentals

Whether your team is performing facility turnarounds, fabricating vital components and assemblies, responding to disasters or building the next great structure, a relaxing area protected from the elements can improve employee morale and reduce downtime. We can install dining facilities with on-site cafeteria-style seating to serve 10-2,000 people.

Additional accessories can include HVAC and power, custom lighting, heating, PA systems, hand wash systems, seating, flooring, doors, sidewalls and more.

  • Clearspan- These enduring shelters can be rated for up to 90 MPH winds and, since they range in widths from 20 to 100 feet and length of up to 300 feet, they can provide a comfortable dining room for any size group.
  • Frame Tents- A great solution for on-site lunches. The tent is open and freely navigable. Ranging in widths from 10 to 40 feet and lengths from 10 to 140 feet, Frame Tents are long term rental shelters more suited for a smaller number of guests.
  • Pole Tents- The most cost-effective model for housing on-site lunches. Ranging in width from 30 to 60 feet and lengths from 30 to 240 feet, Pole Tents are big enough for a larger group, and are versatile enough to be quickly installed anywhere, including in grass and on asphalt.
  • All equipment is setup and taken down by qualified in-house personnel that carry the necessary credentials including TWIC, Safety Council cards, background checks, and participation in the DISA substance abuse program is mandatory. 

While competing industrial tent suppliers offer comparable equipment to Service Rentals, many can’t match our craftsmanship and safety-first mindset. Often times, they step onto jobsites with inexperienced personnel, limited shipping history and unsafe tent structure installation practices. Examples include lack of personal protective equipment, anchoring tents with water barrels and using poles manufactured from aluminum or wood, which can’t match the strength and moisture resistance of galvanized carbon steel. These practices can lead to catastrophe.

Our crews, however, have the training, experience and dedication to perform on vital, high visibility projects. Before visiting your facility, we work with you to confirm safety requirements and mitigate suspected hazards. The Service Rentals team will calculate optimal tent siting and obtain any necessary permits. The structure will arrive on site as quickly as possible, and our well-trained teams will install it in a safe and timely manner. Crew members have vast plant environment experience, personal protective equipment and can meet all facility-specific guidelines.

With decades of experience supplying tent structures to industrial partners, our veteran team can help identify the best tent type for your application. We have the inventory to match your needs and the ability to work within your project timeline.

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