Oil & Gas Temporary Tents

As global energy demand continues to climb, the need to explore, extract, refine and deliver oil and gas to customers becomes more important. Safeguard crews and the equipment they use with reliable industrial tents from Service Rentals.

A full-service industrial tent solutions provider for the greater United States Gulf Coast region, we ensure the right facilities are in place to help meet oil and gas industry objectives on time and within budget. From worker break areas and temporary inventory warehousing to living facilities and fabrication spaces, we offer a full range of pole, frame, F3 and clear span tents designed for your short- and long-term application needs.

With a roof canopy supported by tall central poles tensioned using side lines connected to ground pins and smaller side poles, a pole tent has elegant sweeping curves and sculpted peaks. Pole tents are available with widths from 30 to 60 feet, lengths from 30 to 240 feet and are ideal for budget-minded customers. Requiring zero special equipment, installation is quick and simple.

A frame tent is a versatile, freestanding structure that can be installed on just about any surface. Poles are joined together with steel fittings to create a framework upon which a canopy is placed. Very strong and without a center pole, frame tents have an open and airy feel with no obstructed views and allow for maximum interior space use. This tent type is available with widths from 10 to 40 feet and lengths from 10 to 140 feet.

Combining a high strength-to-weight ratio with clean sightlines and no cables, braces or clutter, our F3 tents are designed with protect crews and equipment from the elements without impacting usable interior space. They can withstand winds up to 70 miles per hour when 20 feet wide or those up to 50 miles per hour when 30 feet wide.

Clear span tents have roof rafters connected to steel purlins and no center pole, which creates a resilient structure with open, unobstructed views and maximum interior space. Capable of withstanding winds up to 70 miles per hour, these shelters are available with widths from 20 to 100 feet and lengths up to 300 feet.

At Service Rentals, we understand bringing oil and gas to the market is a critical job and any misstep can lead to injury or lost production. That’s why we use highly trained, experienced personnel and quality materials.

Our tent poles are manufactured from corrosion-resistant galvanized carbon steel and anchored utilizing traditional staking, specialized concrete anchoring systems or concrete blocks. All roof coverings and sidewalls are made from a double-sided polyvinyl chloride polyester textile, which is water resistant and flame retardant. Before visiting your facility, we work with you to confirm safety requirements and mitigate suspected hazards. The Service Rentals team will calculate optimal tent siting and obtain any necessary permits. The structure will arrive on site as quickly as possible, and our well-trained teams will install it in a safe and timely manner. All crewmembers have past industrial site experience, personal protective equipment and can meet all facility-specific guidelines.

Other industrial tent suppliers, however, can’t match our craftsmanship and safety-first mindset. Often times, they visit work areas with inexperienced personnel, limited shipping history and unsafe tent structure installation practices. Examples include lack of personal protective equipment, anchoring tents with water barrels and using poles manufactured from aluminum or wood, which can’t match the strength and moisture resistance of galvanized carbon steel.

With decades of experience supplying tent structures to industrial partners, our veteran team can help identify the best tent type for your application. We have the inventory to match your needs and the ability to work within your project timeline.

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