Industrial Tent Sales

From enormous construction projects to increased production before deadline, there are myriad reasons to expand on-site work, storage and rest areas. Permanent structures are expensive, need routine maintenance and can become a financial burden when unused. Add safe, secure and affordable shelter to your jobsite when you want it by purchasing quality industrial and commercial tents from Service Rentals.

We are a full-service industrial tent solutions provider for the greater United States Gulf Coast region and have a variety of high-quality pole, frame, F3 and clear span tents available for sale. Our tents are fully customizable to meet your unique needs, manufactured from premium materials capable of withstanding severe weather and installed by highly trained personnel.

An industrial tent is a good solution for many applications. Depending on type, size, custom options and location, they can be erected in one day or less and serve as warehousing, fabrication space, critical equipment storage and worker break areas, among others.

Owning an industrial tent can be beneficial in a variety of circumstances. Having a known long-term need is the most common reason to purchase a tent.

Buying a tent is a one-off transaction, which eliminates re-occurring rental costs. It also gives the owner freedom to amend, alter or resale the tent at any time. When unused, tents can be safely broken down and stored with ease.

The Service Rentals Experience

With comprehensive turnkey packages, dedicated support and unrivaled installation, it's easy to see why Service Rentals has sold shelters for some of the United States Gulf Coast region’s most critical projects and events.

In most cases, our tents are ready for immediate delivery. If a specific tent, accessory or custom option is unavailable, Service Rentals can special order your tent. We're happy to process any paperwork related to your order and always aim to provide a convenient and professional experience. Our team is available at all hours to answer questions and help identify the right tent structure for your application.

Our tent poles are manufactured from corrosion-resistant galvanized carbon steel and secured utilizing traditional staking, specialized concrete anchoring systems or concrete blocks. All roof coverings and sidewalls are made from a double-sided polyvinyl chloride polyester textile, which is water resistant and flame retardant. Custom options include on-site cafeteria-style seating to serve small and large audiences, lighting, heating and cooling, flooring, doors and sidewalls.

When going through the tent selection process, we work with you to identify intended uses, confirm safety requirements and mitigate suspected hazards. The structure will arrive on site as quickly as possible, and well-trained crews will install it in a safe and timely manner. Crewmembers have past plant environment experience, personal protective equipment and can meet all facility-specific guidelines.


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We’re the shelter provider of choice for the region’s biggest jobs and critical events, contact us for more information about industrial tent sales.

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