Industrial Tent Accessories

Service Rentals, Inc. is your "one stop shop" for all industrial shelter and structure needs. Our vast inventory of tents and accessories allow us to arrive quickly on site with all necessary equipment in place to keep production moving on schedule. We save you time and money by providing everything you need to get your structure up and running without having to seek multiple vendors. From power supply to tables and seating, we have you covered!



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We have a variety of lighting options suitable for numerous industrial applications and requirements. Lighting systems can be added to your tent rental package and will be installed by our certified technicians.

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Power & Temperature

We can provide AC or heat to your temporary structure with our vast line of equipment. Our systems can also handle your low voltage power requirements for lighting, vending equipment, hot boxes, etc.

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Dura-Trac SE and Dura-Trac SB flooring systems offer protection to turf and create solid surfaces, roadways and site access.

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Of the many reasons a temporary shelter is built require more than just the shelter itself; we have the knowing of what is needed and the resources to bring them to your site.

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Need shelter? We've got you covered. Service Rentals, Inc. is one of the most trusted and experienced providers of high quality temporary structures in the field and guarantees to exceed customer satisfaction.

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